My SSTC Buds

If you had visited my dreams (click up-right corner “Leona’s Dream Agency”. You would have seen I had a dream of having C+ test with my SSTC (Sing Song Talk ‘cucumber’) friends Junnie got A and Ed got A+. From there, I had my inspiration to come out with this. HAHAHA…

Things happened from 1 of our SSTC sessions, my friends just have such a STRONG obsession for cucumbers. Aw! Not to forget saying thanks the lecturer Jimmy. hahahahaha…I understand if some of you don’t get what this is but it’s ok, share me your dreams and let’s transform it to interesting stories related to your life. Make Laugh of every dream, even it is a bad one. (;

Have a dream day.

It’s EhhDieHap Time.

Here goes Ed’s 3rd VLOG challenges: Chubby Bunny, Jenga (Wooden Block) and Shave Whipped Cream.

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