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Instruction Not Included

I just watched this movie last night, it says,”Life doesn’t care if you’re ready”. Here to recommend this awesome Mexico movie to you, it’s worth watching as the appealing story and beautiful shooting techniques that get a huge success in UK movie theater, I’d rank 5 stars out of 5 for it. language is in Spanish. The director, Eugenio Derbez, aka the main cast in this movie is a genius, thanks him and his crew  for bringing us such a mastermind piece, it’s a remarkable production.

You can watch this movie in PPS by searching “非常父女档”, it’s got Chinese and English subtitles together, or you can try to download from

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Enjoy the movie. =)

How to get back in shape after CNY

Chinese New Year is a blessed festival we have every year to celebrate with family and friends. However, it might give a little toughness to lots of people to proceed their new year resolution – To Get Back In Shape. As in this festival, we booze a lot, eat a lot, sleep a lot, sit a lot and gamble a lot, we’re drawn in too much of happiness ( sugar high ). Well, I, myself is one of those who’re struggling but here I found an easy and fast way to burn down some calories we over consumed in this irresistible great appetite we have in this special season.

I always jog half an hour first before I go in to these exercises. My experience to this over a week, well, I feel great and it’s really effective and working over my flabby arms and muffin top ( horizontally growing tummy ).

Remember, facing to lose weight even up to lots of possibility in life, the will power of HOW GOOD WE WANT TO BE is the only key that keep us going, make a beautiful consistency record start by today! 😉

Good Luck!