Leona’s Dream Agency

Have you ever dreamed about wild/bizarre/innovative/creative/adventurous/funny/terrible stories in your sleep?  Have you experienced Deja vu, lucid dream or SLEEP WALKING?

Leona’s Dream Agency is a platform for you to share your dreams experiences appear in your sleep.

Write down your dream in script below in the comment box while it is still fresh in your head (Hit the steel while it’s hot).

Who knows? Your dreams might be interesting enough to put on to BIG SCREEN by famous film directors one day.  (;

Start NOW.

I’m looking forward to EXPLORE how far our brain activity can bring us to another new FANTASTIC UNKNOWN realm.

“While we’re awake, we share one universe, but in sleep we each turn away to a world of our own.”

— Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher) 

34 thoughts on “Leona’s Dream Agency”

  1. I dreamed of going back to high school, meeting up with best friend Stacey, she’s with Betty. 3 of us took a picture, I dreamed of school canteen too, there is a scary moment that I had to run to toilet because my teeth are falling out, and that’s not the scariest part…my teeth are falling out together with the teeth gum. Urgh! And I can see one of my ungrown wisdom tooth stuck in the transparent gum, with a little bit of blood. Urgh! I placed all the dropped out teeth into my bag, Stacey came in and asked what happened, I showed her the teeth, she doesn’t believe and as if she’s gonna say,’Gross!’

    The End.


  2. I have been having strange and intense dreams recently (to be precise it has occurred to me for at least 3 months already), even negative ones, I came to an article that explains these are the cumulative result of new experiences, new emotions, and internal and external conflicts. They are your subconscious mind’s way of working out a lot of heavy stuff while you sleep.

    My Dream Journal can literally tell me what is in my subconscious mind and be more observant to my thoughts so that I can eliminate the bad habit and negative ways of thinking.

    With a full respect to you, please share your dreams with me and discuss here what might be holding you back, who knows? Some of you have incredible right brain electromagnetic field that are manifesting ‘things’ into your life without you are aware of.


  3. Hmm.. It’s very deep, no idea why you would push the net. Did the lion show any sign of attacking? The lion was actually you It’s show you having self conflict. The lion represent the inner you which keep in the net made by you, that explain why she can walk freely in it but when she does walk close to you, you felt the danger(this part I’m not sure cause you didn’t elaborate it whether she show any sign of attacking or not) and you quickly shut it down.
    This might also reflect you with your current relationship. In the end you’re hurt and you finally looking for help, which you unsure it’s right to do before but it’s clearly to you, you need to call for help.

    Well Leona your dream is indeed a sad, I almost tear when you describe the death of the Lion with such details slowly revealing her appearance. It’s beautiful how you lead the dream/story.

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    1. Erm, I have no idea/I can’t recall why I pushed the net suddenly, and there is no sign of attack from the lioness. Actually it’s about 2 weeks ago I dreamed this, the story is still very fresh in my mind. The lioness is so adorable, just like overgrown kitty cat.

      I think it’s quite sensible of your analysis to my dream…I feel like I’ve got a bit psycho recently. I made a lot of bizarre dreams, there is a recent dream: creepy! And there is another dream consists of part 1 and part 2, part 1 is about sex (don’t worry,it’s not me), part 2 is about violence. I hope it’s not because of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I’ve stopped reading for a while. I’m reluctant to share here. Feeling really psycho! (I couldn’t believe I beat ‘someone’ up into serious injury.) My REM(Rapid Eye Movement) could go crazy when I’m in sleep. I’m wondering how my brain cells and its electrical connections work in my sleep.

      Do you still want to dig deeper?

      If I go psycho one day, please make sure to go nuts with me together. HAHAHA…


  4. It happened in a department where I stayed when I was still in primary school…

    It was a typical afternoon, I’m in the living room lying on the couch, a window is on above. I hear a roaring sound comes out from the window, I move up and knee down on the couch trying to look out of the window. What I saw draws me into great curiosity, there are huge nets attached to every floor (I’m on 5th floor), and there are lion kept in each net, I have no idea but the net seems to have the sustainability to support a lion’s weight and make it move on the net freely. I look at opposite department on 2nd floor where I always visit a neighbor of mine, it’s still in its typical feature, green plants setting on the balcony shelf, and there is a traditional Chinese stone decorations with a small artificial waterfall, there are fishes at the bottom in living water.

    Suddenly, I push the net hard to loosen it from the attached point, the lion fell down on the ground floor, HARD. It’s lying on a blood pool, I’m scared, I’m thinking to myself: Should I let it die? Or should I call the ambulance? I’m in guilt because I hurt the lion, I have no way to escape. I sit at the corner hugging my both knees, horrified. A while later, I peek over the window to see the lion, or lioness, snow white fur already dyed in red, whining helplessly. At the end, I’m finally encouraged to grab the telephone and call for aids.

    -The End-


  5. Recently I had an adventurous dream, it goes like this: I’m with my 2 siblings and uncle, we are planning to go for a trip to Europe. Funny thing is we ride our own aircraft to start the journey. The aircraft is small, there are only 4 seats, I’d love to call it a glider. We packed everything we need, uncle is the pilot, I sit next to him, 2 siblings sit behind us. All of us are very excited about the trip because we are riding our own glider, what’s more exciting? We are flying to Europe, by a glider. Oh yeah~

    I look at my uncle, he puts on the headphone, checking the buttons, then the glider just floats up in the air just like that, without any pre-force. At the beginning, the glider is flying very low, we can see the cars on the road taxiing, people in the car are looking out of the window in shock when they see our glider above them. We fly higher and higher~

    Suddenly, we are above ocean. I fall asleep very soon.

    [Jump scene]

    We are under the ocean on the sea ground, our glider has transformed to a mini submarine. Through the front window, I saw an ancient sculpture, it’s similar to some sort of Egypt queen, it’s about 5 meters height and covered in gold. I saw my uncle swims around the sculpture in the water with diving suit, a spot light turned on over his head, he’s observing the sculpture passionately, curiously. Suddenly, my subconscious mind is telling me we are seeking treasure, and here we did it. This is gonna be a big time of us in the human history. When I’m still in my fantastic reverie, something’s wrong. My uncle is trapped out there, he’s sending SOS signal to me, he’s asking for my rescue, I couldn’t see clearly what trapped him, I’m so scared, I looked behind, my siblings are as scared as I am. I know I need to protect my family, with all the courage, I put myself together and suit’s on. I’m off to the water now. I swim toward uncle, I saw him trapping in the sculpture’s huge golden hand, his oxygen tube is grabbed into something sharp and he’s stuck, the tube is broken, oxygen leaking out. I pull uncle’s hand, trying to pull him out of it, suddenly, the huge golden hand moves toward me, there is a hole appears on the hand, it’s like some mechanic robot turning on its secret gear, gold coins keep falling down from the hole on the giant hand, and I tried to collect the coins, the golden hand moves again, I’m in great horror……[The End]

    I woke up.


    1. HAHA! how funny the last part. You know you were in danger when the hand was coming for you but you can’t stop yourself from collecting the gold coins.

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  6. Last night was ZOMBIES dream, it’s mid-night hour, I was on broken wood house 2nd floor, sleeping, the bed is low down to the floor with dirty mattress on it. Urgh, the memory of the dream is blurred, there is a man, a young lady, got raped by the man, we helped, then it’s all scenes about we were in a narrow wash room, the toilet bowl, the fight, the hiding, the shouting. And finally the zombies were here, then I was awakened by the sudden horror. Whew~


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